Waterproof LED Strip(

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Waterproof LED strip adopts new high brightness LED light emitting components as the light source. With help of the built-in Microchips on the ribbon, the LEDs long life spam and color consistency can be maintained. RGB Ribbon produces a hundreds of patterns of color synchronization, sequence, advancing, rolling and flash. 
To realize the various effects, Waterproof LED strip needs our RGB controller brings the effects of color flowing, chasing, rolling, advancing, replacing, strobe et
 Material: FPC + Soft silicone casing
 Beam Angle: >120°
 Life Span: ≥50000 hrs,Working Voltage: DC12V / DC24V
 Rated Power: 7.2W/m
 Working Temperature: -25℃~55℃
 Working Humidity: 10%~95%
 Protection Degree: IP65 IP68
Application :
Decorative lights for disco,bars,cafe,casino,lights for shows and evernts,lights for shop display and decoration.
 1) edge-lighting of transparent or difused materials 
 2) path & contour marking lighting 
 3) illuminated Signs 
 4) mood lighting