Flexible LED Strip

  • Additional Description
The flexible LED strip of the spotlight controller used, can achieve more than 20 change model, such as the left or right, speed, brightness and run up and down and etc. Each controllers pick the best length article lamp for 5 meters, if need to increase the length of the article, can use my company's spotlight amplifier, each additional amplifier, can take 5 meters article lamp, realize the power amplifier applications.
 This series flexible LED strips adopt new high brightness LED light emitting components, made of high quality high temperature resistant double rolling FPC copper plate production, the plate with high flexibility, ultra-thin, easy to cooling, etc.
 Product appearance packaging form varied: have not waterproof, all a glue waterproof, all the casing waterproof, casing and encapsulating compound waterproof. Not waterproof lamp on the back with a powerful article 3 M glue, convenient make-up and mobile. After waterproof processed more glittering and translucent and bright article lamp, especially the unique encapsulating compound the light of the process as much as IP68 waterproof level article, can be in water use.
 General for every meters 54 lamp or 30 lamp, 5 m for a dish, FPC width for 12 mm routine, the color of the board for conventional white, size and number of every meters lamp parameters such as customers can request the production.
 Has the low voltage (DC12V) power supply, high flexibility, small volume and color rich variety etc. Characteristics.
 The product characteristics
 Material: double FPC board
 Longevity: 50000 hours
 Light Angle: 120 °
 Widely used in background layout, hotel, bar, party, malls, shop Windows, household, clubs, stage, the concert, outline lighting, hall, advertisement, decoration, etc
 Three, main technical parameters
Work environment
 Working temperature:-20 ~ 60 ℃
 Avoid strong acid, strong alkali, strong oil pollution and other heavy work environment
 This series of products, not waterproof strips are not used in the open air and water; A glue article waterproof lamp can be at ease in outdoor use, but not soak in the tub; Casing waterproof lamp can be used in water article, but shall not be more than 1 m from the surface.
 Storage requirements
 Storage temperature: ~ 80 ℃
 Don't avoid long time article waterproof lamp wet conditions for storage
 Shipment please handled with care to avoid stress make its deformation or cause electrical bad